Service Dogs: What Are They And How Do They Help You With Your Disabilities?

Service dogs are specially trained to help people with all kinds of disabilities. They provide vital and often life-saving support to those who need it most. Service dogs, autism service dogs, hearing dogs, diabetic alert dogs, seizure response dogs, medical alert dogs and PTSD dogs are just some of the different types.

Big Dog in a park wearing a black service dog vest

They are trained to perform a wide variety of important tasks. They act as the ears of their handler, alerting them to important sounds. Seizure detection dogs assist during or immediately after a seizure.

Black Cocker Spaniel laying on a wood floor next to a basket

These service dogs are used by people with severe allergies. There are 8 types of service dogs. The main task of a service dog is to help its owner overcome the difficulties caused by his illness. .

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