How To Treat Dog Hot Spots With Turmeric And Coconut Oil

Hot spots are a bacterial skin infection caused by existing skin damage that is then exposed to bacteria. These sores on the dog's skin are extremely painful for them. They are known as Acute Moist Dermatitis. They can also be caused by licks, bitten, and scratching to the point where the skin gets irritable or cut, allowing bacteria to be introduced.

Golden Retriever Nibbling their paws

It can be treated by other injuries to your dog's body where they are exposed to moisture and the wound is not properly dried. Knowing how to treat dog hot spots can help reduce discomfort. We recommend seeing your doctor if your dog has a hotspot. They help it heal effectively. Check out some of the ideas we gave you on how to help out with hot spots.

Beagle looking sad in a grassy area

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How to tread dog hot spots


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