Service Dogs Formigraines: A Dog'S Guide To Migraines And A Dog'S Guide To Migraine Alert Dogs (And Therapy Dogs)

Migraines can be very difficult to treat. Migraines are caused by changes in the nervous system. A service dog can help you identify the signs of a migraine and give you medicine to ease the pain.

Kendall Abbott author of What is a Migraine Alert Dog?

Migraine therapy dogs are trained to notice subtle changes in your behavior. Dogs are very aware of everything that goes on with their owners. They can notice changes in their system that are probably not noticed. 50 to 60 percent of dogs can detect their owners' migraines. A dog's temperament also plays a role in how well they can be used for this type of therapy. It can be fun to have a furry friend to help you if any of these are true. Service Dog Gear offers a variety of service dog gear. Consider the benefits of a service dog for migraine or therapy dog if this is something that may work well for you and your circumstances. People who get warning signs before their migraine hits often do very well with a migraine therapy dog. Kendall Abbott is a dog trainer. She started her career as an animal care technician for the Kansas Humane Society. After 5 years she left to focus on being a freelance owner for Beyond The Dog. Kendall is the author of the SitStay Dog Blog. . . .

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