Walking Harnesses: A Guide To Walking Harnesses

The Easy Walk trainer is designed to discourage, discourage, and train your dog not to pull. Its placement over the breastbone keeps your dog safe from windpipe depression and gagging like most neck collars. The sure-Fit harness clips on the back.

SitStay Blog: A Guide To Walking Harnesses

It is ideal for owners whose dogs do not have major behavioral problems. The Gentle Leader works by giving gentle pressure at the back of the neck. It opens the dog's mouth and redirects the head position. The Easy Walk Trainer also makes training the dog to sit, stay and walk up and down a breeze with natural head control. The Easy-Sport harness has an elastic neckline. This makes it ideal for dogs that have a hard time fitting standard harnesses. The dog carrier is in the back, which is perfect for owners who have dogs with major behavior problems. Padded for comfort, this strap allows a full range of motion for the legs and clips together at the front. . .

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