How To Stop Your Dog From Digging In The First Place: How To Stop Your Dog From Digging In The First Place (And Leave The Dirt In The Ground)

Dogs love to dig. It's an impulse. There are ways to stop your dog from digging in the first place. Dogs with a high prey drive may dig in an attempt to get at the animals they hear and smell. Some dogs have a strong urge to find things they value. Dogs dig when they are stressed or anxious. Nordic breeds, such as Malamutes, Huskies, and Elkhounds, dig in the dirt to escape the heat. Digging is a deeply held belief. You may not be able to stop it completely. Only certain breeds are eligible for Earthdog events through the AKC. These include most small to medium sized terriers and the Dachshund. If your dog doesn't fit into this narrow category, there is still something you can do to give him an outlet. Plant fragrant plants such as daffodils, herbs, and thyme to deter rodents. Solar-powered repellents can also be used to keep dogs from digging. . . .

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