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Just like humans, dogs react based on past experiences and new stimuli. Some of these causes could include an illness or painful physical condition. There are many ways to help out in these situations.

two dogs that need natural remedies for dog anxiety

I will be going over two. Weighted blankets for dogs create deep touch pressure, which occupational therapists use to mimic a swaddling or hugging feeling. The pressure created by the blanket releases serotonin and dopamine into the brain.

Mastiff that needs a natural remedy for dog anxiety

This helps the nervous system relax. CBD is a compound found in both marijuana and Hemp. The compound itself is not harmful. All you get is the beneficial side of medical marijuana without the harmful effects. The exact dosage needed for a dog can vary from one product to another. Make sure to contact your veterinarian before starting one of the options. They may not be the best idea for some pups.

two french bull dogs enjoying their anxiety blanket for dogs

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Dog loving life after getting a dose of CBD


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