Lymphoma Is A Cancer Of The Lymph Nodes In Your Dog'S Body

Lymphoma is a cancer that affects a dog's lymphatic system. The primary symptom of lymphoma is swelling lymph nodes. There is no known single cause of lymphomas. However, carcinogen exposure, electromagnetic exposure and genetic predisposition are at play. The most common forms of lymph cancer in dogs are multicentric lymphoma, alimentary lymphoma , mediastinal lymphoma and extranodal lymphoma. Golden retrievers, German shepards, Dobermans, rottweiler, boxer, and Bernese mountain dogs are particularly susceptible to developing lymphoma . Dogs between the ages of eight and eleven are more likely to develop lymphoma than younger dogs. Your veterinary doctor will perform a complete physical examination to diagnose lymphoma in your dog. Chemotherapy is usually highly effective in treating lymphoma for dogs. The vet may also recommend radiation therapy, bone marrow transplant and steroid injections. Lymphomas cannot be entirely prevented. There are preventative measures you can take to minimize the risk. Stay away from carcinogens like smoke and be careful not to use chemicals and pesticides. Pay attention to any changes in the dog's body to detect lymphoma symptoms. . . .

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