Big Cat Rescue Explainer: What You Need To Know About The World'S Most Vulnerable Cats (And What You Need To Know About Them)

There are 30 cat species in the world. The term "big cat" refers to seven specific species. These include tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, leopards, snow leopard and cougar. These large and powerful cats are amazing. People are often interested in them. The Captive Wildlife Safety Act was introduced and passed in the U. S. House of Representatives in 2004. This law prohibits interstate and foreign trade in exotic cats. This includes lions, tigers, leopsards, cheetahs, jagars, and cougars. Pet tigers have been involved in several deaths and maulings in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, pet tigers and other big cats end up neglected, abused, or given up to sanctuaries. Big cats are not like domestic cats. Different species have different temperaments. However, all of these cats can exhibit destructive behavior from urine marking to dangerous aggression. Wild cats are carnivores and need a lot of outdoor space to thrive. In captive, they require large enclosures that have extremely high walls or caged-in ceilings. Little cats have a musky smell. They tend to spray their urine. Spraying is an involuntary "marking" behavior. It is not possible to train these animals to stop. Big cat are also carnivores. They do not need to be bathed or brushed by humans. They use their rough tongues to clean their fur. They remove dirt and debris. Big Cat Rescue estimates an investment of $25,000 in the first year of owning a small to medium sized wildcat. For big cats, expect annual costs of over $100,000 for a first year and ongoing annual costs in excess of $10,000. Large cats are prone to rabies and distemper. Zoos protect their lions and tigers, and other cats from these conditions. As a private cat owner, it may be a challenge to find a veterinary professional who can provide proper vaccines for a wild animal. Some big cats enjoy fresh water pools. There are seven species of felines classified as big cats around the world . Owning a big cat can be very dangerous for most people. The smallest big cat is the Siberian or Amur tiger. But there are other felines that might be a lot more fun to keep as pets such as these species. . . .

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