Pyometra Is A Serious Uterine Infection That Affects Unspayed Female Cats

Pyometra is a serious uterine infection. It affects unspayed female cats. It occurs within weeks of a cat being in estrus as a result of abnormal hormone changes. Bloody, purulent vaginal discharge and abdominal swelling are the most indicative signs of Pyometra. Prompt veterinary treatment is critical because pyometra can be a serious condition. Symptoms will vary. Some of the symptoms could indicate other types of illness. You should immediately call your veterinarian for an appointment. There are two types of gyometra infections seen in cats: open and closed. After several cycles of thickened lining but no pregnancies, cysts will form in the lining of the uterus. The bacteria can accumulate in the un-made uterine lining. Your veterinary doctor will perform a full physical examination along with a medical history of your cat. If there is no evidence that your cat has been spayed and shows signs of pyometricra, the Vet will run tests to identify the infection. The only way to prevent pyometr is to have your cat spayed. Spaying a cat is a commonly recommended procedure for this and other health reasons. Some cats will sustain permanent kidney damage after surgery due to infection. . . .

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