Hookworms In Dogs: What You Need To Know About The Parasites And How To Deal With Them In Your Dog (Final

Hookworms are blood-sucker intestinal parasites. They are common in dogs. While most infections are not life-threatening, they can cause a crippling anemia and potentially life-saving blood loss in dogs . Hookworms can infect humans. But they rarely cause serious problems. Hookworm eggs are passed through animals' feces. After several days, the eggs turn into larvae. These larvae can infest dogs.

Illustration of signs of hookworms in dogs

They can be ingested directly, such as when dogs eat the ground or grooming themselves when larvae are present on their fur. They move through the tissues to the dog's lungs. There, they are coughed up and swallowed. Veterinarians diagnose hookworms by obtaining a stool sample and examining the fecal material under a microscope. Treatment should continue to target larvae as they mature. The number of treatments needed will depend on the dog owner's age and its particular situation. Adult dogs that receive treatment will recover from a hookworm infestation within a couple of months. Some dogs may die, even with aggressive treatment and supportive care . Hookworm larvae can infect people as well as dogs. People become infected when their skin comes in contact with contaminated soil or sand. They may unknowingly eat eggs if they touch a dog that has these microscopic particles on its fur and then touch their mouth. . . .

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