Nicotine Poisoning In Pets Can Be Fatal If It'S Not Treated Quickly, Warns Pet Safety Expert: Http://Www

Nicotine poisoning refers to the toxicity associated with the ingestion of products that contain this chemical. Dogs and cats have many nicotine receptors in their nervous systems that can easily be overstimulated by exposure to nicotine. Pets are less tolerant of nicotine than people. This means they are more likely to suffer negative side effects. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/nicotine-poisoning-in-pets-3385527-final-26f6b35830374485859a7b8760a90170. (gif) Nicotine poisoning can be fatal if not treated quickly. Hyperactivity, drooling, and constricted pupils are definite indications that your pet is being affected by nicotine.

Illustration of the signs of nicotine poisoning in dogs

Motor control issues, labored breathing, rapid heartbeats and seizures indicate a medical emergency. Nicotine poisoning symptoms are similar to those of other toxic exposures. Some nicotine-based products contain xylitol. It is poisonous to pets. A pet doctor will diagnose nicotine poisoning based on the pet's symptoms and the owner's knowledge. Early induction of vomiting can make a big difference in how much nicotine enters your pet's bloodstream. Administering activated charcoal can also reduce the amount of nicotine absorbed. Treatment may also include managing seizures with anticonvulsants. The most effective prevention is to keep all nicotine-containing products out of pets' reach. It's also important to carefully remove cigarette butts and other materials that may contain traces of nicotine. If you suspect that your dog is sick , immediately call your local veterinary office. .

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