How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat Of The Summer

Your furry friend has two separate sweat glands that serve a multitude of functions. The Merocrine and Apocrine glands can help your dog fight the heat. Blood vessels in their face and ears expand to allow a cooling heat exchange.

Chihuahua running through a desert sands

A healthy coat is also important for keeping your pet cool. It acts as an insulator in the heat and helps to preserve their skin. While all of your dog's natural cooling processes can help, it has been proven that your dog can experience heat stroke like their human counterparts. There are many important behavioral symptoms you can take note of to prevent heat stroke in your furry friend. Always keep your dog well-hydrated and near the sun. When the temperature has dropped, walk your pet in the early morning or late evening.

Panting chocolate lab on a beach

Gel-cooled orthopedic beds are affordable and make a difference in your pet’ll overall happiness. While keeping your dog comfy in the warmer weather can seem like a task, it takes a good eye and a warm hand to care for their well-being. Making the ideal environment for your pet is important. Your companion may get warm too quickly and there isn't always a way to stop it.

Border Collie Panting on a hot day

By paying closer attention to your pet, you can reduce heat stroke. .



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