Lethargy In Dogs Can Be A Sign Of An Underlying Problem, But It Can Also Be A Symptom Of A More Serious Problem

Lethargy in dogs can be a sign of a problem. It is helpful for dog owners to understand why their dog may act lethargic. Some common causes of lethargy for dogs include the following. Lethargy alone is not used to identify a specific problem or cause the symptoms that these illnesses or diseases can cause. Symptoms can be due to a decrease in metabolizable energy, nausea, pain, disorientation, or other problems that result in a dog being more tired. External injuries can be easier to see than internal injuries, but both can be very serious. A full physical examination and a history of your pet will be done. X-rays, a fecal analysis, and blood work are the first tests to be run. Regular check-ups with your doctor and routine blood screening can help detect problems before they have the chance to cause letharginess in your dog. Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water, is not left in high heat for long periods of time, and uses regular parasite preventatives. Animal preventatives can also reduce some causes of Letharginess. . . .

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