'Moist Eczema On Dogs' Shoulder, Aka Hot Spot, Is What You Need To Know About Hot Spot On Your Dog'S Body

Hot spots are common in dogs, especially those with thick coats. They are when a dog licks, chews or scratches at an itchy spot. Early detection and treatment can prevent them from becoming more serious. For more information on hot spots, visit the National Institutes of Health. Hot spots are caused by scratching and chewing the skin due to itching or pain. The self-trauma usually leads to a painful patch of red, swelling skin. The spots tend to develop very quickly and often become infected with bacteria. They can be found on the head, hips, and legs. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/moist-eczema-on-dogs-shoulder-aka-hot spot-481589958-280e5b81e0fe4b6d86c4e23996d21cf9. jpg) Hot spots often first appear as a patch of matted fur or hair loss. The skin may have a shiny or scruffy look.

Moist Eczema on dogs shoulder, aka Hot Spot

It is usually painful to touch. Owners notice grooming, scratching, licking, and chewing of the skin before the hot spot occurs. Continued licks keeps the area moist. This makes it an optimum environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. Dogs with long or thick hair are more likely to develop hot spots if moisture is trapped in their coats. The best way to prevent hot spots on dogs is to address itching and skin inflammation as soon as it occurs. Dry your dog thoroughly after a bath, swim, or heavy rain. This is because damp fur can cause skin irritability. Prevent flea or tick infestations with your pet's recommended flea/tick products. Always consult your veterinarian doctor for health-related questions. If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. They know the pet's health history and can make the best recommendations for your pet. . . .

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