Top 5 Dog Games You Can Play At Home With Your Furry Companion

There are certain dog games that will engage your dog's mind and even teach them a new skill. Most of these games will be free and others may have costs like a toy or equipment. Each of these dog games is super fun for both you and your furry companion.

Boxer jumping in a field of grass

Hide and seek is a game that has been around forever. All you need to do is hide somewhere and call for your dog. This is a good game for dogs who want to get active but they are not as mobile as they used to be.

Black and white terrier playing with a yellow ball in the yard

Some dogs will run all over the place until they see you. This game requires three cups that cannot be seen through. It also requires a couple of treats. Treat Hunt is a great way to teach your dog how to hunt a scent. It can make it exciting.

Puppy beagle exploring their house on a hard wood floor

The Chase Game is where you train your dog to put their toys back in their toy box. If they bring the right toy you can give them a reward but if it is the wrong one then you have to go back and repeat the name. Eventually, they start to catch on and learn the names of their toys. Dogfighting is when a dog races through a course with predetermined obstacles in a certain order following your commands. .

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