Snoring Can Be Normal And Can Be A Sign Of A Medical Problem

Sneoring is a sound made during sleep by the vibration of loose tissue in the upper respiratoryway. Vibrations and snoring are most likely to occur when the tissues of the upper airways are relaxed during sleep. In some cases, snoring may indicate a medical problem. Brachycephalic cat breeds, such as Persians, Burmese and Himalayan cats, are often predisposed to snoring. Overweight cats have a higher tendency to snore. This is due to excess fat in the tissues surrounding the upper upper respiratoryways. Respiratory illnesses like a bacterial or fungal infection and asthma can often cause snoring . Sneoring can be normal. It is more common in some breeds than others. There are also annual veterinary visits. If you notice your cat panting, wheezing or having difficulty breathing, you should contact your veterinarian. Exercising their prey drive with interactive play is a crucial part of a cat's development. Use a toy like a feather wand or a mouse on a string to move the toy like the prey it is supposed to represent. Not all cats love the same things. You can try a few toys to see what the cat likes. Annual Veterinary Visits are an important part of keeping your cat happy and healthy. Food puzzles help slow down eating, prevent eating and obesity and allow cats to eat more quickly. Cats are masters of hiding pain and illness due to being both prey and predator animals. . . .

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