Giant African Land Snail Is Illegal To Own As A Pet In The Us

The giant African snail is illegal in the United States. It is considered one of the most invasive pests in the world. It also is illegal for people to own a pet. The U. S. Department of Agriculture says it is a threat to agriculture and human health. If the snail or its eggs were released in the wild, it could cause disease transmission and crop destruction. Giant African land snails are herbivores. They are strong and difficult to eradicate. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling a snail of any kind. GRAPHIC CONTENT: Giant African Land Snails eat nearly every plant in the American landscape . They will eat at least 500 types of plants. This includes wall plaster and stucco. Most exotic pet veterinarians will not treat the snail. The snail can grow from 3 to 11 inches long. One snail can lay 1,200 viable eggs per year. Infestations of giant African Land snails can be a significant threat to native plant life just about anywhere the animals live. Other interesting species are not legal to keep in the country as well. If you try to bring one into the country, you could be fined by the federal government. Check out other exotic animals that may be kept for pets. . . .

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