Treatment For Arthritis In Dogs Can Be Done With A Combination Of Drugs, Supplements, Massage, Surgery, And Physical Therapy

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Hydrotherapy for Dog

Treatment for arthritis in dogs is geared towards reducing pain. This is best done by using a combination of treatments. Excess fat tissue secretes hormones that promote inflammation and pain. If appropriate, a weight reduction program should be implemented. NSAIDs are one of the most commonly used drugs for arthritis pain. NSAID pain medications include tramadol, buprenorphine, fentanyl, amantadine and phenylalanine.

Senior dog taking arthritis medication

Nutraceuticals are naturally occurring compounds or foods that can affect the health of an individual. These supplements can be helpful in reducing pain and other symptoms like stiffness for arthritic dogs. Acupuncture and massages are alternative therapies that are often effective in improving arthritis pain . Arthritis is a painful condition for all affected dogs. Treatment options focus on relieving pain and promoting increased mobility and strength. In some cases, reconstructive surgeries that correct congenital abnormalities and stabilize the joint may be recommended. The type of surgery will depend on the joint involved, the dog's size and activity level and more. . .

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