Alternative E-Collars That Are Comfortable For Your Healing Kitty: Http://Www

An e-collar is a simple device that you might know by its more common name: the cone of shame. E-collars have come a long way from the hard, clear plastic cone you may remember. There is now a wide range of alternative e-chip options that are often more comfortable for your healing kitty. A donut e- collar is an inflatable tube that is positioned around your cat’s neck to limit the range of motion of their head. Recovery suits are protective clothing that covers up your cat's wound and keeps it away from the elements. A neck control collar is a long collar that extends from a cat's shoulders to the base of their ears. While more commonly used for dogs, there are some cat neck control collars out there. They are not necessarily the most comfortable alternative to e-chips. Cats do not like e-Collars. They will likely fuss when you try to get them on. Cats should fit snugly around the neck, with just enough room for a couple of fingers between the collar and neck. Elevating the bowl is an option as is holding the food dish while your cat eats dinner. . .

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