Best Police Dog Breeds: German Shepherds, Beagles, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers And Labrador Retrievers Are Here To Help You Pick The Right One

The best police dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes. There are certain traits that must be taken into account for picking the right dog.

German shepherd on duty about to get back into the cruiser

For a protection breed, you will want a strong dog that can outrun a perp. It is good to have a great sense of both narcotics and search and rescue. Best Police Dog Breeds: German Shepherds . The German Shepherd is a breed known to be associated with being on the line of duty. This is also an incredibly loyal and easily trained breed. This means they will work well with their partner/ pet parent. It's hard to beat the ability this dog has. The beagle is a smaller breed that has a big personality. The American Labrador retriever is known for being great in any aspect of police work. The dog is known as a sweetie. The lab has long been a hunting partner. This has made them good at finding what they need to find. If properly trained, the German shepherd can be a top-notch narcotics detection dog. Natural Doggie Advanced Mobility Chews Help with joint pain, increase flexibility, reduce inflammation, and increase the strength of a dog's joints. Made in the USA, these chews are certain to go a long way in improving the life of your working dog. The natural doggie organic coconut oil can be used as both a topical ointment or a food supplement. When used as topical anti-inflammatory ointments, this will lessen the discomfort associated with skin issues and minimize the distraction of itchy skin. German shepherds and Belgian Malinois have skin allergies. The Blue-9 KLIMB is a dog training platform. The Julius-Jute Tug with two hands is made of nylon reinforced traditional Jute fabric. The Freedom Flex Anti-Pull Leash is a must-have for police and working dogs. Progressive tension technology eliminates the shock of pulling a dog. Available in two lengths: 45 inches and 57 inches. MSRP $29. 99 DEAL! $26. 99 with 10% Off . The Hawkins Tactical Dog Collar by the tough Pup is the best tactical gear for your dog . The clasp makes it easy to put on, but not easy to come off without your help. It has an option for any application. Police dogs are a huge part of any force that can bring their own talents to the situation. Some police dogs can face depression after their service. This can be tough. Any dog on this list can surpass any dog with the right training, with the proper equipment. . .

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