Bad Breath And Drooling In Cats Can Signal Serious Underlying Health Issues

Bad breath and loling in cats can indicate a severe underlying condition. Serious causes of bad breath or loling include kidney disease, oral tumors, and intestinal blockage. Cats with symptoms like nausea, face swelling, and balance issues are likely to have more significant health issues. Some symptoms are related to various conditions. Bad breath is associated with uncontrolled diabetes and has a distinct floral or sweet smell. Trauma to the mouth can also lead to infection. Treatment depends heavily on the underlying cause. The best way to prevent bad breath and drooling is to brush your cat's teeth daily. You should check your pet's oral health for unusual things. Bad symptoms resulting from poor oral hygiene or diet can usually be resolved by changing the brush routine or choosing a less pungent food. The prognosis for bad breath & drooling caused by serious disease varies. If you suspect your pet is sick, immediately call your local veterinary office. . . .

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