Wild Dogs Make Full Circle To Ensure No Predators In The Area, But Can'T Sleep With Their Nose To The Wind, So They Can Smell The Scent

Wild dogs make a full circle to make sure there are no potential predators in the area. Making a full loop also allows a wild dog to see where the wind is coming from. If they can determine this, they can sleep with their nose to the wind, so they can smell the scent. Wolves and coyotes don't have the luxury of sleeping on soft beds. They have to make do with fields and the forest floor. Walking around in circles can damp down tall grasses, collect pine needles into a soft place to lay, or even rustle out wildlife. Wolves or Coyotes have lived in all sorts of places. This ranged from mountain cold to desert heat. Those that have to sleep in the snow will often combine circling with digging up the snow. Circling also allows dogs in colder areas to curl up in a tight ball. If your dog has neurological or orthopedic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, your dog may start circling more than they once did. Providing your dog with supportive, orthopaedic dog beds and proper joint and pain medications can help make your dog more comfortable and lessen their excessive circling. . . .

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