This Week'S Ireporter Photo Gallery Takes You To The Wilds Of South Africa, Where You Can See Zebra Finches In Their Natural Habitat (Cnn)

Zebra finches are known for their energetic singing. Female finches have a more dramatic coloring. It has a red beak, orange eyes, and black-and-white stripes on the throat and breast. Zebra finchers generally do well with a staple diet of high quality finch seed and pellets. Opt for organic food whenever possible. Pesticides can be very harmful to a bird's fragile body. All zebra finch need a large enclosure in which they can fly and play. The average zebra bird can lay up to eight eggs in a single litter. The babies are usually weaned between 21 to 28 days old. They will get their adult plumage between 5 and 6 weeks old. If an egg hasn't hatched within 20 days, it is considered infertile. The website will feature iReporter photos in a weekly Travel Snapshots gallery. Check the Travel Snapshot website each week for a new collection of snapshots from around the world. .

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