Cataracts In Dogs: What You Need To Know And How To Help Your Dog Get Rid Of The Eye Problem (Video)

The anatomy of a dog's eye is like that of a human, so it is no surprise that they have the same eye problems. Cataract surgery for dogs is performed under general anesthesia. A small incision is made into the eye.

Terrier with cataracts laying on a pillow on the couch with a pink collar on

Then an ultrasonic handpiece is inserted into the incision. The handpiece can be about the size of a ballpoint pen. It is used to break the cataract into pieces and then remove them from the inside of the eye socket. CBD may help with some of the pains associated with cataracts. It also has many health benefits for dogs. Cat arctomy surgery can cost anywhere from $2700 to $4000. Postoperative medications and follow-up visits to the ophthalmologist should be considered. . . .

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