How To Teach Your Dog To Heel Command With A Grassy Background

Most dogs are not born with the proper way to follow or heel when going on a walk. The command or skill "heel" means that the dog must walk directly next to you instead of behind or in front of you.

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The dog is required to keep pace with you. It stops when you walk. A dog walker we recommend for dogs who like to pull is this Freedom Flex by Tough Pup. At SitStay, we offer a wide variety of dog training tools that can help you train your dog to do pretty much anything, including learning to become a respectful walking partner. This skill helps your dog know that you are in charge of the walk and he is the alpha in the pack. For heel training sessions, try using our great Kronch 100% pure and natural fish treats. They are fun, delectable and healthy. How to teach your dog how to walk alongside you by using lure and reward. The most effective way to get results is by training people with clicks. Brown Beggars are a great healthy and delicious treat while training. Many professional trainers recommend martingale collars. The heel is an advanced skill and command for a dog to learn to be patient if it takes a while to master. You can rely more heavily on verbal praise and less on actual training treats. It is always good to have on hand. Test your dog by going to a dog park and removing their leashes. Kendall Abbott is a dog trainer. She worked with Beyond The Dog for 5 years. Kendall is a graduate of the University of Kansas and Animal Behavior College. She is the author of the SitStay Dog Blog. For more information on the Sit Stay dog, visit here. .

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