Seizures In Dogs: What You Need To Know About The Most Common Neurological Problem In Your Pet

:max_bytes(150000):strip_iccio/happy vegetarian-s with doberman-504979812-5840afed5f9b5851e5e849b3. Seizures are unexpected and can't be prevented. Some dogs will only have a seizure in times of extreme stress.

Veterinarian listening to dog's heartbeat

Seizeures aren't painful to the dog. The most harm to your dog may result from injuries it receives during falls or flailing against objects in its vicinity during the seizure. Don't leave your dog alone during a seizure unless it is in a location where it could be injured. It's OK to pet or comfort your dog during a seizures. But keep your hands away from its mouth.

Veterinarians examine a Doberman.

Emergency veterinary care is only necessary if the dog's seizure lasts for more than five minutes. Images: GettyImages-901685904-5c68c90246e0fb0001f9344e. jpg Sizures in dogs can be caused by many different factors. Your veterinarian will need to perform some diagnostic tests before she can determine the proper course of treatment. If your dog doesn't take a monthly heartworm preventive, she will likely test your dog for heartworm. You can keep track of your dog's epilepsy history.

Scared Dog Sitting in Dog Bed

Write down the information, date it, and store it with your pet's medical records. Most vets will only begin treatment if your dog has had: cluster seizures (multiple seizures in a 24 hour period) Grand mal seizures that are prolonged or recurring. . .

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