Why Do Dogs Eat Socks? Watch Now: Why Do Some Puppies Eat Poop? Watch Now: Why Do Some Puppies Eat Poop? See

Dogs like to eat socks for a number of reasons. Socks that have been washed, smell a lot like you and your dog. Some dogs like to wear things they shouldn't. Pica is a condition where one eats non-food items. Sock can cause gastrointestinal upset, blockages, and even septicemia and death. They can get stuck in any part of your dog's GI system. This prevents the otherwise normal passage of other gastric materials. If the blockage isn't removed, the inflamed tissues can even start to necrose (that is, the cells begin to die). The first step in preventing your dog from ingesting your socks is to keep them out of reach of the dog. Providing more appropriate play and enrichment for your dog can help to ward off the dullness that might otherwise be filled with socks eating. Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and activities such as running, flyball, and field trials can provide your dog with mental stimulation. See more Puppies Eat Poop. . . .

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