How To Choose The Right Pet For Your New Family Member (And Not Yours)

How well your current pet(s) accepts a newcomer depends on their age, health, sex, genetics, and traits of intelligence, size, personality. Some dog breeds are more willing to accept other canines, while others can be really dangerous.


The safety and well-being of your new dog and older dogs must be addressed. Even friendly dogs can be dangerous if there is a big difference between the pets. Feline predatory behavior leads to games of stalk and pounce that can lead to injuries. Once a cat reaches the age of 12-18 months or so, cats may lose their inclination to make new pet friends.

Chihuahua standing in front of Border Collie

Some people suggest that it may be best to choose a new pet that is younger than, and the opposite sex of, your resident pet.

Dog and cat

This is not always the case, and many times, any combination can work with the right personalities. It may be helpful to consider things like your current dog's activity level, size and temperament. . .

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