How To Keep Your Puppy Safe While You'Re Out Of The House (And Away From The Litter Box)

Pups need a bathroom break after every meal, nap, and playtime. Depending on age and breed, most dogs eat several times a day. Prevent accidents by anticipating when the dog needs a break. The amount of potty breaks depends on age, activity level, and mealtimes. Dogs rely on scent cues to tell them what's expected. Find a location with newspaper, poop-pads, or a doggy litter box. Then choose an outdoor area. When the dog sits down, say a cue word that identifies the action. Puppies don't want to be in an area with their own waste. Confine and Supervise your dog. When it's in the right spot, give your cue word and praise. If the dog goes inside, pick it up and move it to the designated legal toilet area. The biggest mistake dog owners make when trying to train their dogs is saying sorry or hitting the dog for an accident. Negative reinforcement teaches dogs to go when you're not watching or hiding deposits from you. Use an odor neutralizer to eliminate the smells that bring your dog back. Puppy are a special breed of dog. They can be trained for up to six months before they are ready to be released into the wild. . . .

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