Vaccinating Your Dog Against Parvovirus Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Prevent Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a viral infection that causes severe gastrointestinal symptoms in dogs. It usually infects young dogs since they are not yet fully immunized. Survival rates are between 70 to 90 percent with immediate and proper treatment. Vaccinating your dog against parvovir is the best thing you can do to prevent parvirus. Without proper cleaning, the virus can stay alive in the environment for up to three months. There are cleaning products that can kill parvivirus in your home. If you can't clean an item with a cleaner that is known to kill parvinovirus, then you are better off throwing it away. This is especially true for items with fecal residue on them. Steam cleaner are good options for large items like couches, rugs, or carpet. . . .

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