Military Pet Care: How To Find A Foster Care Home For Your Military Pet (And Your Family) In Fort Lauderdale, Miami

Military families affected by continuing troop deployations need help on many fronts, not the least of which is temporary pet care. Offering or finding foster homes is a way to thank these soldiers and their families for their service. Military personnel may also be able to get help from their local base command. Whether a military pet stays with family, friends or a foster caregiver, the following steps will ensure that the pet is well cared for and reunited with its owner. Write a written pet care agreement. Complete a pet profile to help the caretaker understand the pet's particular needs. Make sure the pet was spayed or neutered so it does not have the desire or opportunity to breed while the owner is away. Microchipping the animal is also strongly recommended. This is because microchips provide permanent identification that will always be with your pets. . .

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