How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Good Friend Or A Bad One

Feline communication is a complex system of sign language. Signals help define and reinforce the cat's social position. Misreading a cat s clear signal can cause a hissy fit. The high-held tail pointed straight up is the feline equivalent of a "howdy!". When she starts thumping the ground with her tail, she will be ready to attack. A moving tail in cats usually signals an arousing of some sort. Doggy wags often mean, "come close, we're friends. " If push comes to shove, the cat will go back with all claws bared. Cats don't do submission. Many behavior problems are a result of miscommunications. Cats tell us how they feel and what they want. Becoming multilingual solves or prevents a host of potential pet problems. If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. Always consult your veterinary doctor for health-related questions. . . .

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