How To Clean Your Dog’S Ears Large (And How To Help Your Dog)

There are dogs with erect ears. The kind that stick straight up over the head. The butterfly ear is a type of erect ear. It is related to the Papillon.

Brown puppy with floppy ears running through a grassy field

Dogs who scratch their ears often or touch their ears/face on furniture or the floor might be trying to tell you that their ears are itchy. Dirty or infected ears can have a red color that can indicate inflammation. A good ear cleaner is ideal because it can help dissolve wax and make it easier to remove debris from inside the ears. Also, don't put things like hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol in the ears either. Food and environmental allergies are the most common causes of otitis externa or inflammation of the ear canals.

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Bacteria and fungi exist in small amounts in a healthy ear canal. When inflammation occurs, they can reproduce quickly and lead to infection. CBD can help with inflammation to ease pain and reduce the problem area. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Allergies and How You Can Help Your Dog . Since 2006, Erica Irish has worked in the veterinary field. She started as a veterinary technician. She graduated from UF College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. Check out more SitStay Works.

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