How To Keep Your Dog Safe While She'S Pregnant Or Experiencing A False Pregnancy (And What To Do If She Does)

Some dogs make nests that are signs of pregnancy or false pregnancy. If your dog isn’t spayed, she might be pregnant. This is a major cause of dog breeding behavior. Nest-making is normal for many dogs. Some dogs are nest-makers. They make blankets and bedding to their liking almost every day. Other dogs might only engage in nest-making behavior when they are particularly uncomfortable. For the majority of dogs, nest making is no big deal. Intact females (and some stray females) naturally want to make a safe area for their newborns. Get your dog to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible to check if or not she's pregnant. Pseudopregnancy occurs when a female dog believes she is pregnant. Your dog might show physical and behavioral signs of being pregnant, including weight gain, nest building, enlarged mammary glands, appetite loss, vomiting, collecting objects, and even aggression. False pregnancies generally occur within four to nine weeks of the female’s last heat cycle. Nesting behaviors include dragged toys or plush animals, over-groom, or start to defend their nest from intruders. Buy cheap blankets for your dog that you won't worry about getting torn apart. . . .

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