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The black-tailed prairie dog is one of five species of prairie dogs. Prairie animals live in the grasslands. They are native to the Great Plains region of the United States. Prairie pets are difficult to keep as pets. They require a long-term commitment. Prairie dogs are legal to own as pets in most states. However, there are instances where they can be considered wild animals and therefore are illegal or require a permit. Check with your state before getting a Prairie dog. Be sure you're in compliance with local and state laws. Prairie pet owners are social creatures and thrive in large groups. It is recommended to have more than one dog in the home for company and socialization. It's also important to make sure the dog is well-behaved and well-suited to the home. Prairie pups are diurnal. This means they are active during the daytime hours and sleep at night. Prairie Pups can become depressed or sick if not given enough attention. A large dog-sized cage is not usually used to house a pet Prairie dog indoors. As adults, they can burrow several feet underground. They often create different subterranean chambers for different purposes. If you choose a housing method where burrowing is not possible, it is not ideal. Prairie Dogs are susceptible to obesity, dental issues, heart disease and respiratory diseases. They can also be susceptible to plague. This makes them a risk to nearby human populations. Consider bringing your prarie dog in for wellness exams to discuss diet, housing, and overall husbandry.

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Prairie owners are collected by vacuuming them out of their burrows each spring and summer. These are then used as food for endangered wild animals. These include eagles and black-footed ferrets. Different dealers will have different methods of collecting the pups. Despite their name, Prairie dogs can actually be rodents and are more closely related to squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks, and woodchucks. . . .

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