German Shepherd Dog Owners Need To Know About Their Dog’S Health, Size, And More!

The German Shepherd is a large and powerful dog breed. It is muscular and longer than tall. The GSD has a double coat that has a short and dense undercoat.

A brown and black Czech Shepherd looks to the left with green grass in the background.

It was one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. The German shepherd is still used as a guide, search and rescue dog. The working lines were bred to have a high pain tolerance so they could survive the hardships of protection work and border patrol. Pink papered imported pups from Germany are free of hip dysplasia. They come from generations of parents with Schutzhund titles. German shepherds in the US are judged by their looks. The West German show lines were originally bred as state working dogs in Communist Czechoslovakia. These dogs are mostly black and red. They have a fluid, ground-eating trot. German Shepherddog parentsshould assess their dog’s activity level, age, breed, and any medical conditions that he or she may be prone to. Some dog food formulas contain probiotics, salmon oil, and guaranteed calcium and phosphorus levels to help support the healthy development of your dog's teeth. Shepherds may be sensitive to Acepromazine, an anti-poaching anesthetic. Some Shepherd may need IV fluids to fully recover after being given Acepromazines. Deaths have been reported after the use of Rompun in this dog breed . The German Shepherd adores all family members and is protective and territorial. The dog sheds twice a year. Extra grooming will be needed. Dogs are trained by White Paw Limited, a UK based company owned by Daryll Pleasance. German Shepherd has been used by police and military worldwide. When bred by trusted breeders and positively trained with active outdoor lifestyles, there is no other breed. . . .

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