Monkey The Cat Attacks Her Own Tail

Monkey the cat attacks her own tail. Owner says she started it after she was spayed a year ago. A veterinary doctor suggested "calming drops" placed in Monkey's water, and a "Good Behavior Calming Collar" which have helped "a tiny bit" Monkey's behavior is caused by discomfort. A flea bite on the tail or an arthritic tail joint could spur interest in the tail that goes to attack. During play, Kitten target their own (or other cats') tails to relieve the anxiety. The addition of a new cat to your household could be a stressor for Monkey. Hyperesthesia syndrome can only be diagnosed when physical problems have been ruled out. The website will feature iReporter photos in a weekly Travel Snapshots gallery. Every week , visit the Travel Snapshot website for a new collection of snapshots from around the world. .

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