Bordetella Vaccine For Dogs: What You Need To Know About The Vaccine And Its Effect On Your Pet'S Respiratory System (Nsfw

Kennel cough is an infectious respiratory disease that affects dogs. Vets recommend the Bordetella vaccine for the majority of dogs. Kennel cough can be highly contagious. It can spread quickly among dogs. Most cases resolve with little to no treatment. However, others can come severe and lead to pneumonia. The DA2PP vaccine protects against adenovirus type 2 and parainfluenza. A separate vaccine is available to protect against Bordetitis bronchiseptica. Bordetela is considered a non-core vaccine by the American Animal Hospital Association. This vaccine is required by most boarding facilities, grooming facilities, dog show rings, dog training facilities, and doggy daycare centers. There is a significantly reduced likelihood of kennel cough exposure. The Bordetelli vaccine is usually part of the dog vaccination schedule. Most veterinary experts recommend the first intranasal or intraoral Bordetelle vaccine between eight and 14 weeks of age. The initial vaccine may need to be repeated for full immunization. Vaccines have self-limiting effects. They can cause lethargy, poor appetite, and minor pain and/or swelling. These effects usually resolve within one or two days. In any dog with a history of immune-mediated disease , the vaccine is typically avoided. . .

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