Ptsd Service Dogs: What They Do And What They Do For Their Owners (Video)

To get a service dog one must have a physical disability or a disabling illness or disorder. PTSD service dogs are a great way to help people deal with some of their daily problems. They help them keep a healthy mind.

Service dog kit

DOG STARTER KIT is starting at $94. 98. Check out the National Center for PTSD. Service dogs help their owners by sensing problematic situations and emotions before they ever appear. These dogs know how to intervene during times of depression to keep the human's mind from other things.

Australian Shepard wearing a red service dog vest in a grass field

Check this out some of the tasks these amazing service dogs do. They can help with physical disabilities such as loss of a limb. Service Dogs can also be used for non-visible cases like diabetes, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and anxiety. Always ask your doctor if they think this option is right for you.

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Woman in a wheelchair petting her service beagle with a harness on


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