Trancing Is A Quirk For A Dog To Have, Seems To Be Just That: A Quirk

Trancing is when a dog will gingerly and very slowly walk under overhanging trees, tablecloths, curtains, etc. such that whatever they are walking under just barely touches them. Trancing is often seen in bull terriers. Some online sources make the claim that it is unique to the breed. Some people think it is some kind of focal seizure when they see a dog in trance for the first time. A dog that is actively taking over cannot be ‘snapped’ out of it by calling their name or by giving a simple recall command. Dogs that are dancing will be normal before and after the trance episode. Bull Terrier are one of the breeds known for trancing. In other dogs, trancing may respond to certain behavioral interventions, such as increased enrichment activities such as food puzzles, interactive toys, and more exercise. It seems to be just that: a quirk. It is non-life threatening, and it is not a precursor to compulsive disorder. When you catch your dog trancing go ahead and let them be weird!.

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