Cat Overpopulation Is A Real Problem

Cat population is a real problem. Don't breed your cat unless you are a good breeder. Your veterinarian should be involved in selecting if a cat is of excellent breeding health. If you are new to cat breeding, look for an experienced cat breeder or take your cat to the Vet. It is difficult to confirm a pregnancy on a cat until they are about three to four weeks into their pregnancy. An ultrasound can confirm pregnancy if the cat is obese or has a large bladder. Pregnant cats should be fed high quality food for growth. Look for the AAFCO Nutritional Adequacy statement saying that the food is complete and balanced for growth and reproduction. This is often cat food. In general, wet food is a healthier choice than dry. Your pregnant cat should not have special needs during most of her pregnancy. As she gets closer to queening (giving birth) she will start looking for a safe, quiet place to start nestling. This usually begins a day or two before birth. You can prepare a cardboard box or laundry basket by filling it with blankets and tucking it away to a safe and quiet area of your home. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/ginger-cat-leaning-over-edge-of-a-basket-containing-litter- of-kittens-108912127-5c435101c9e77c0001715d2b. jpg) Most cats need little human intervention when it comes to queuing. If a cat remains in the birth canal without being pushed out for more than a minute or two, it's best to bring it right to the doctor. If they suspect your pet is sick , immediately call your local veterinary office.

Ginger cat leaning over edge of a basket containing litter of kittens


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