Why You Should Vaccinate Your Dog For Rabies: Https://Www

Rabies is a virus that affects the brain and spinal cord of dogs and other mammals. Once signs develop, the virus is usually fatal. The best protection from rabies is vaccination. If your dog is bitten by another animal, it's important to visit your vet before it shows signs. Rabies is most commonly transmitted to dogs, puppies, or other animals through a bite from an infected animal. Raccoons, bats, foxes, and skunks are the highest risk of getting the disease. The only signs your dog has rabies are the physical signs it shows. A rabies vaccination is imperative for your young dog's health. Each state has its own rabies laws. These laws decide when you should vaccinate your dog. Hawaii does not require rabies vaccinations. They do require a quarantine for imported dogs and cats. Some pet owners choose not to vaccinate their dog for rabies. It's not illegal to skip a rabies vaccine. If the dog is picked up by animal control, they will throw out it and you may be fined. In some states , your dog can write an exemption letter under specific conditions. . . .

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