How To Get A Letter From Your Primary Care Physician For An Emotional Support Animal (Esa)

Empotional support animals are given different accommodations than the typical house pet. ESAs can live with you in housing that has no pet policy. They can fly with you or in the cockpit of an airplane.

Dr. Erica Irish author of Can My Primary Care Physician Write an ESA Letter?

How does an animal qualify to become an ESA? Emotional support pets are animals that provide comfort and emotional support to people who suffer from mental health issues and other disabilities. The most common ESA is a dog. However, even cats and other different species of animals can be designated as ESAs. A few famous examples of ESAs have ranged from birds like goose and duck to turkeys. Many ESAs start as pets that belong to their owners. However in a few cases, they are sought out for purchase based on a person's needs and disabilities. Emotional Support pets do not require the same amount of training that service animals require. They are not subject to housing discrimination. To allow this, you need to get a letter from a licensed medical health professional. Write this letter to verify your ESA need. . . .

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