How To Find A Dog Breeder In Your Area!

Spring and Summer are the best times for families looking to adopt a new four-legged friend. The weather is warm up, kids are out of school, and adults are more likely to take vacation days. This allows for more time to get the new baby acclimated.

Two adult dogs with their litter of 7 puppies.

How To Begin Your Search For A Breeder: Do research on the different breeds size, fur type, personality, energy level, and grooming needs. Check social media to see who has adopted their dogs. They are happy with the pups. You will want to check to see if the litter and parents of the litter are screened for diseases that occur often with the breed. Most legitimate breeders will handle the adoption process themselves. They will not sell to puppy stores or on the internet. Some breeders want to make sure pet parents are aware of the time, responsibility, and commitment that goes into having a pet. The most common time for dogs to go home with their new families is 7-8 weeks. Dr. Sally Foote says this is because the 6-12 week age is the socialization period, which is a great time for a dog to get familiar with new surroundings. . . .

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