What Owners Need To Know About The Schnauzer: What Owners Need To Knoiw (And What They Need To Do)

The Schnauzer is a treasured breed. It has it all. The Schnauzers are one of the top 10 most loved breeds in the US.

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They were created in their homeland of Germany. The breed is an impressive breed, but is not a breed for first-time dog owners. Their dignified intelligence leads to them being quite stubborn. This makes the training process a bit challenging. The ideal time to start training is between 2-4 months. Hand stripping should be done every 4-6 months. This allows a new coat to grow, making their fur shimmier and healthier. Special attention should also be paid to their beard and feathering around their legs. Schnauzees can live a healthy life for up to 16 years. They are more at risk of certain medical conditions. The Schnauzer has a higher health standard than other breeds due to these conditions. Be careful about your Schnauzh's yearly veterinary exams . The Schnauer is an incredible dog that has so much to offer potential families. The name Schnauze means “snout” in German. The Snauzer is one of America's most loyal family dogs . They are sold out in the U. S. . .

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