How To Train Your Dog To Go Potty In One Spot

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/potty train-a-dog-one-spot-855a2ac514cb44658f31b24855a55de8. Dogs can make a mess of your yard when they want to. Fortunately, you can teach your dog to use the potty in a designated area.

illustration of how to train you dog to go potty in one spot

The spot you designate should be appropriate for the size of your dog. Your dog won't want to keep urinating and pooping in a small area that becomes very smelly. Put your dog on a lead to keep it in one spot. Don't let it explore other areas of the yard until it has done its business. You can also use temporary fencing to block off the area. Let your dog out of the enclosure when it has gone potty. Most dogs give you a sign that they're about to relieve themselves. If your dog holds it and does its business in the proper area, reward it. Body Language: Read Body Language . If the dog goes outside the spot you choose, be sure to clean it up quickly. Scoop poop or wash urine with a hose. Don’t punish the dog by scolding or hitting it. Your puppy will quickly learn that relieving itself in the right place is better. . . .

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