How To Make Your Dog Feel Better When It'S In Pain

The number one mistake people make with dogs in pain is not knowing they are in pain, says Dr. Patrick McKee, DVM. When pain strikes, we can make our beloved pet and ourselves feel better by responding to it as effectively as possible.

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Pain can come slowly. This can result in the pet accepting or adjusting to it. Pain increases a dog's stress level. This will affect the pet's ability to handle other stressors. Many medical issues first present themselves as a change in behavior. Knowing the pain is important, said Dr. McKee. Is it a chronic and degenerative process or the result of an injury or an accident? Pinpointing the location is also useful. After most surgeries, we recommend lower activity levels during the appropriate healing periods. Becker says pain must be taken seriously and owners should do whatever possible to help mitigate the pain. CBDs or canniboids extracted from the cannabis plant are all the way around in the dog industry. An orthopedic bed can be helpful specifically for recovery.

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