How To Train Your Puppy To Be Happy And Confident In Your Child'S Hands

Puppies go through a critical period of development. It ends around 16 weeks. Often dogs will be more accepting of things they encounter later in life if they are exposed to them during this critical period. A dog that is used to being handled is more likely to accept it, even from a stranger. Handling exercise should be done a few times a day for several minutes each time. You may also want to join a dog training class. These types of training classes, often referred to as puppy kindergarten, focus on socialization. If the dog is kept happy and comfortable during handling exercise, it will quickly learn. Start gently and pair handling with things the dog likes. This includes praise, treats, and games. Some good ways to start are to pet the dog from its head all the way down its back. From the face, you can see the ears of the dog and look inside. The point of dog handling is to make the dog comfortable with petting and other handling. If your dog seems fearful or uncomfortable, you should take a step back. Let your dog some space and continue handling the exercise later when it approaches you on its own. Watch Now: All You Need to Know about Puppies on CNN iReport. com . Follow CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter . .

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