How To Encourage Your Cat To Give Birth In A Safe And Warm Environment

If you have a pregnant cat, chances are you will not have to do anything except encourage her. The duration of a cat pregnancy is 65 days, give or take five days. If you are not sure how far along your cat is, check the telltale signs that birth is imminent. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-656571348-96393e7680524ca28566a813b3c7e73f. Your cat may begin pacing, panting, excessive grooming and excessive vocalization. Contractions can make your cat yowl through pain.

pregnant cat laying on the floor

Your pet's rectal body temperature may drop below 99 degrees. A cardboard box or laundry basket with paper towel or blankets can be used as a birthing area. A cat can have up to 12 kiddies. An average litter is about four kiddos. The larger the cat, the bigger the box it will need. The trigger for the birth process is unknown. It may include the size and weight of the cat's amniotic sacs. The queen will stimulate the cats to breath by washing them with her rough tongue. It takes a queen half a day to give birth to all her babies. The first cat should arrive within an hour of the start of active labor. The mother cat can rest between cats. She should be allowed to nurse and clean the babies born. Breech births occur about 40 percent of the time. Feline labor takes between two and six hours. Give your cat a safe and warm place to birth. Make a nest in a box full of warm blankets and paper towel that are washable. Place her food, water, and litter nearby. Call your local pet hospital if you suspect your pet is sick. . . .

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