The 10 Best Protection Dogs In The World: A Dog'S Guide To Life, Love, And The Art Of Being A Man'S Best Friend (And A Dog'S Best Friend)

Doberman Pinschers are one of the best dog breeds on the planet. They are fiercely loyal, highly alert, and incredibly strong and fast. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known for their strength, strong will, and courage.

Bullmastiff laying in a lawn with their owner reading behind them

Rottweilers are good-natured, placid, and obedient when properly trained. They have served in the First and Second World Wars. German Shepherds are protective of their family and territory. They can be trained to be excellent protection dogs. Komondors are large, strongly muscled dogs from Hungary. Akita are strong, dominant, and powerful dogs who have a natural inclination to guard their territory. A well trained Akita will take the role of a protection dog very seriously. Giant Schnauzers are quiet, intelligent dogs that are easily trained. they were originally bred to guard farms and livestock. . .

Muscular rottweiler standing in grass


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